Sunday, January 15, 2012

Auto Lifts for Everyone

Auto lifts are among the most important things that are found in a garage. The primary utility of auto lifts is to make the hidden surfaces of cars more accessible. If you have a personal garage or if you manage a professional automobile restoration shop then you will benefit from the purchase of an auto lift. However, buying a heavy duty auto lift for your personal lift might be overkill. This is why we emphasize on deciding the correct type for your requirement. But first, a few basics.

·        Finding a Genuine Dealer
All dealers are genuine in that they are dealing with you, but are they telling you what you ought to know? There is no certain way to gauge genuineness except for the recommendation of friends or colleagues who have had a brush with a truly genuine dealer. In case you don’t have anybody to trust, swear by the brands. As a rule of thumb, big brands are usually better.

·        Buying for Your Home?
Tired of sliding under the car every weekend? Your garage might be missing auto lifts made from home users. You will do fine with small auto lifts unless you drive a lorry to work! 
Auto lifts can be effectively used to solve parking space issues. Parking more than one car in the space of a single car is achieved with multi-platform auto lifts. With four pillars for support and automatic safety locks, these provide instant parking space for many cars. 

·        Bigger and Better Options
Automobile shops or professional mechanics require larger auto lifts. With more load to carry and bigger vehicles to lift, bigger machines powered by pneumatics or hydraulics are used. Some of these have a load bearing capacity over 10,000 pounds. If you have a big house with lots of cars to park, then one of these might help you in getting rid of the melee every morning. 

Where to Buy?
Local stores specializing in auto lifts are your best bet. Research for bankable online stores which sells auto lifts at your location. You can start your search from

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